Have you ever heard the expression, it’s best not fly too close to the Sun for you might get burned? Well the same is true for Sun City, which is why we’re giving out the best KISS pointers, to keep safety simple.

How to KISS

First and foremost, notice there’s water, water everywhere! That’s because it’s of utmost importance to stay hydrated while you’re dancing endlessly from day to night. It’s that easy! Make sure you take advantage of the free water stations where you can refill empty containers, or pick up an SCMF keepsake water bottle at the merch booth.

Second up, trust in the fact that the medical team is your friend. You’re welcome to stop by First Aid stations marked with a red cross for any assistance. The professional personnel can treat your ailments, even if it’s a cumbersome blistered foot or a woozy feeling of dehydration. Service is free of charge.

map of sun city music festival 2016