We’re getting stoked for Sun City Music Festival’s annual return to El Paso with another round of top notch live music slated to play out amid the Texas desert! It’s the perfect destination for a memorable holiday weekend on Labor Day, September 2-3rd. Besides dressing in costumes and hand-made totems, there are a few other festive accessories to enjoy. Make the most of your SCMF experience and join the PixMob with an interactive LED wristband, you become part of the show!

Join The PixMob!

Join the PixMob with a custom bracelet that’s programmed to strobe and fade along to the beat of the music! Wristbands are controlled wirelessly by Bluetooth technology, reinventing rituals and creating climactic moments by connecting the crowd through illumination. Plus, you can continue the party at home by downloading the PixMob Spark app, available for iOS devices.

Embedded with infrared transmitters, PixMob creates a virtual map that transforms each dancer into a pixel pulsating in sync with the music, or reacting to the body’s movement. The end result is similar to the lighting rigged on stage, except it gives you a whole new reason to throw your hands in the air!

PixMob LED Wristbands are not shipped prior to the event, please bring your merchandise ticket and ID inside the festival grounds to the official merch booth.